Monday, June 30, 2014

Key Purse cum Wristlet

This simple purse fully lined.  I added a key ring to one end of the 'string' or whatever you call it; and a hook to the other end so it could be hooked-on to bag or whatever the user wants to hook on.

The 'string' is not sewed on to the purse itself, so it pulled out (with the keys pulled into the purse) to make the 'string' long enough to use as a wristlet.

Using Machine to do this is so difficult.  I should stick to hand sewing.

Flexi-Opening Pouch

A simple flexi-opening pouch done using the sewing machine.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Simple Zipper Purse

I was very upset with the kids last night and couldn't sleep. Decided to sew myself a simple purse (an overdue project) which I can bring along when I go for my brisk walking.

I'm using a small coin purse now which is what I can find to fit in my small waist pouch. It is stuffed with notes, coins, a few cards and keys which makes it rather difficult to use.

I handsewn this simple zipper purse which big enough to hold all my stuff and small enough to fit in my waist pouch.  It's fully lined, comes with a zipper and a magnetic button on the front flap. Having the flap is to just make the simple purse looks prettier; totally redundant. :P  It's the same size as my Note 2.

I recycled a blouse I bought for CNY (hence there's a Chinese Knot button) that I can no longer fit in. :(   I have upsized. :P 

All materials used were recycled except for the zipper and the sewing thread of course.

Snuggled up with my mobile phone in my little waist pouch.