Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Zipper Purse

I got the idea of making this zipper purse from the Macaron Bag Charm I made not too long ago.

This is made for my daughter, who needs a slot for her school pass and a zipper pocket for coins. She requested for a sling so she can sling it to her wrist, which I had that made too.

Most of this purse are hand sewn. I only machine sew the zipper part and hand sew it to the main purse. The sling is also machine sewn.

The insides

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Macaron Bag Charm

Finally found time to do some sewing. Dug up my sewing stuff collection and found materials I can used to make a Macaron Purse.

I decided to add lace to the inside and turned it to a ring holder instead. Then I attached a chain and turned it to a bag charm.

Although I didn't plan how I wanted the Macaron Purse to be, I pretty glad with the outcome.


It can fit 2 to 4 rings (depending the carats LOL) ;)

Used as a bag charm 

Friday, August 24, 2012

Flower on Stick

We prepared this year's Teachers' Day gift earlier cos the kids don't have much time next year. I'm glad we started making them earlier as they told me early this week that they both missed out some teachers that they wanted to give too.

My friend was so kinds as to help me go to the store I bought the pot for the gift (please see previous post) yesterday. Unfortunately, the pots are out of stock.

At such, I'm using whatever materials I have to do the extra gifts. This requires lesser work. It can be used as a bookmark or just a deco.

A Pot of Hearts

The is the little gift the kids and I did for this coming Teachers' Day. I had this idea for a while and was looking around for a suitable pot. Glad the idea was workable. I had initially planned to add a butterfly but it was too big. Hence, I left the butterfly out.
The kids told me early this week that they missed out some of their teachers and have to make more. However, the pots are out of stock. We did something else instead (please see next post). They will have to decided which to give to which teachers.

I stuff the pot with dry sponge that is used by florist for flower arrangements and covered it by sticking fake grass on the sponge using glue. I bought items from a florist sometime back. These are the balance from my old projects.

The hearts are punched out using craft punch. I get the kids to stick 2 hearts with a thin wire in-between. And they stick those into the pot. I added some cute colourful pom-poms as deco too. Wire and pots are from Art-Friend (pots are out of stock). Pom-poms are from Daiso. The messages are written on a thin Ice-cream stick I found in my 'treasure-box'. Can't remember where I got them from though.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Ruffle Skirt

I remake my daughter's out-grown ruffle skirt into a dress by sewing a singlet to the skirt. I added some ribbons and buttons to the top so it wouldn't look so plain.

Top: The remake ruffle dress
Bottom: The original ruffle skirt 2 years ago.

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Bow Clip

I was making a hair band and decided to make a similar bow but attached with a alligator clip instead. Since the bow is big, it's easier to clipped in pony tails instead of using it as a hair tie.

Demin Hairband

I haven't been able to spare time to make any stuff since early this year. Finally pick up the scissor to snip my old demin skirt to make a hairband because I just couldn't find one I like that is not over-priced.

Here's a simple one I did using demin and lace. It's 4cm wide. It matches one that I made for my daughter.

Friday, January 06, 2012

Pink Rose

Something sweet for a even sweeter P5 student who was assigned to buddy my daughter during the first 4 days of school. She not only helped and guided my daughter during recess, she even brought her around the school when time permits.

I noticed she had long hair so I made a hair-tie for her. Hope she likes it.