Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Zipper Purse

I got the idea of making this zipper purse from the Macaron Bag Charm I made not too long ago.

This is made for my daughter, who needs a slot for her school pass and a zipper pocket for coins. She requested for a sling so she can sling it to her wrist, which I had that made too.

Most of this purse are hand sewn. I only machine sew the zipper part and hand sew it to the main purse. The sling is also machine sewn.

The insides

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Macaron Bag Charm

Finally found time to do some sewing. Dug up my sewing stuff collection and found materials I can used to make a Macaron Purse.

I decided to add lace to the inside and turned it to a ring holder instead. Then I attached a chain and turned it to a bag charm.

Although I didn't plan how I wanted the Macaron Purse to be, I pretty glad with the outcome.


It can fit 2 to 4 rings (depending the carats LOL) ;)

Used as a bag charm